Signals Network ICO (SGN)

Below is the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) information for Signals Network (SGN).

Signals Network
Data science marketplace to help you discover, create and monetize cryptocurrency trading strategies driven by machine learning, crowd wisdom and decentralized supercomputing power.
ICO Start:
2018-03-12 (UTC)
ICO End:
2018-04-30 (UTC)

Total supply of token: 50% Token sale, 20% Community, 18% Company reserve, 10% Advisors & Partners, 2% Bounty

ICO price of token: 0.3-0.36$

Project Description: 

Our mission is to democratize machine intelligence in the cryptotrading industry. Any cryptotrader armed with computational power and data science can make smarter and faster trading decisions and maximize trading profits. That is why Signals Marketplace provides traders with an arsenal of trading algorithms, ranging from traditional technical analysis to state of the art machine learning techniques, all suitable even for those without any programming skills.

The whole architecture of Signals platform is designed to facilitate a connection between data science community and crypto traders without programming skills. That’s why Signals Strategy builder will be connected to Signals Indicator marketplace , where skilled developers and data scientists will be able to encapsulate their code into visual components, so as anybody could use them to assemble their trading strategy in Signals Strategy builder.

Team Members:

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