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At, we maintain a big list of ICO projects, which can be accessed by our visitors as well as anybody looking for ICO projects on the internet. New ICOs are happening almost every day, and our ICO list grows really fast.

If your team is planning for an ICO and you would like to add your ICO to our ICO listing, please feel free to submit your ICO to us. Please note that we process many requests on a daily basis and we need time to evaluate each ICO project to decide whether to list it or not.

To avoid spammers, we have decided not to use a web contact form for ICO submission. Instead, to sumbit your ICO, please send us an email from an official email address that matches the domain name of your ICO project. In your email, just mention you are interested in submitting your ICO to us. We will reply your email with detailed info on how to proceed to add your ICO.

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To submit ICO, please send email to:

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