Trivver Token Sale ICO (TRVR)

Below is the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) information for Trivver Token Sale (TRVR).

Trivver Token Sale
TRVR is the currency of the Smart Object Economy provided in the form of a bounty by Trivver to developers for creating simple Generic Smart Objects (GSOs) for the Smart Object Catalogue and required as payment to Trivver by developers for the right to author complex GSOs. In return for authoring complex GSOs developers earn royalties whenever revenues are generated by that Smart Object -- from a publisher using the GSO to build XR content or by an advertiser using the GSO to create a Branded Smart Object (BSO) for use in an ad campaign.
ICO Start:
2018-06-08 (UTC)
ICO End:
2018-07-07 (UTC)
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