Below is the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) information for (BCIO).

Summary: is a comprehensive ecosystem for secure and efficient access to the Internet of Value.
Pre-Sale Start:
2018-05-14 (UTC)
Pre-Sale End:
2018-09-16 (UTC)
ICO Start:
2018-09-17 (UTC)
ICO End:
2018-10-14 (UTC)
About: is a project of, one of the oldest bitcoin exchanges in the world and hack-free since its inception in 2013. Ultra-secure and profitable, Paymium is registered with the French regulation authority ACPR and accounting is certified by external auditors. 
Based on its record and experienced team, Paymium is launching a new crypto-exchange: This platform will be fully dedicated to crypto-trading while Paymium will remain the privileged hub for fiat currencies. Paymium customers (currently at 170,000 + accounts) will automatically have a account and will obtain incentives for their loyalty.
Our new platform will offer: 
For users: centralized orderbooks (maximum liquidity) and decentralized settlement (even more security), advanced trading orders, market-making and peer-to-peer lending
For entrepreneurs & institutions: ICO planning & execution services (thanks to an extensive network of bankers, lawyers, marketers, technologists, etc) up to the exchange listing and guaranteed liquidity for BCIO tokens. 
What sets us apart is a concentrated effort in Europe, where the crypto market is largely still in its infancy and which as of today lacks a transparent and regulated crypto-exchange with a proprietary token enabling institutions to launch their ICOs. Our proprietary token will allow us to offer incentives to bootstrap the liquidity of the trading platform. 
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